Film Scanning

16mm & 35mm scanning in all resolutions up to 6.5K. 

Our film scanners capture the highest quality images and output a wide range of file formats.


Lasergraphics Scanstation

  • Up to 6.5K resolution
  • 16mm & 35mm film gate options
  • Scanning speeds up to 60fps
  • High Density 2 flash High Dynamic Range Scanning
  • 2D Optical Pin Registration for the best stability of shrunk and damaged film.

  • 35mm Warped film gate option – allows scanning of damaged and warped film.
  • Gentle sprocketless all chrome path film transport ideal for older films
  • Image and optical sound is scanned in a single pass.
  • 16mm Commag soundtrack reader



  • Up to 6K resolution
  • 35mm Archive film gate
  • Pin Registered or Optical Image Stabilisation options 
  • High Density 2 flash High Dynamic Range scanning
  • DICE (digital Infrared Red dust / scratch detection and concealment)
  • Low heat LED light source


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